There is a real return on your investment when you eat Non-GMO, organic, real food.  Wholefood versus juice, for example, gives you fiber that effectively negates the natural sugar content,  juice is mostly sugar.  Mother Nature has gotten it right long before we came along to try our hand at ‘fixing’ food.  We process it and genetically modify it only to find that it is toxic to our bodies.  It is not seen as food anymore.  A good example of how our bodies react to something as processed as bacon is that our white blood cells go into action and show a very obvious sign of poisoning.  Our culture has become so gluttonous that we see people gulping down fast ‘non’ food while doing things as stressful as driving.  Digestion shuts down when  stress goes up so that we can fight or fly.  How often in our stressful environment would that occur…many times.  Stress effects everything and our food is not really for us.  It is meant to sustain our microbiome, our internal environment of microorganisms, in order to sustain our health.  We have gone off course!  Let’s take steps to get back on that course… This link shows how fiber is shown to decrease your chance of Alzheimers.

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