The Energy of Birthing eBook & Meditations


The Energy of Birthing eBook A guide to prepare you for the miracle of your baby’s birth.
Includes 15 Birthing Meditations – over 140 minutes of empowering imagery.

Rainbow of Life




The Energy of Birthing eBook
A guide to prepare you for the miracle of your baby’s birth.
Includes 15 Birthing Meditations – over 140 minutes of empowering imagery.

15 Energy of Birthing Meditations … Relax, Breathe & Prepare

Mom and Baby Connection – Connect your energy to the baby’s energy and empower the birthing process to establish a bond that lasts for lifetime.

Rainbow of Life – Use the vibration of each color to clear and empower your energy centers with the babies; nurture yourself and the baby at the same time.

Trust – Breathe deeply. Let go of any unwanted fear surrounding the pregnancy, labor & delivery. As a woman, you are naturally designed for the miracle of birth.

Nesting (pregnancy, early labor) – Visualize a peaceful birthing room in your mind. Give yourself permission to relax and go deeper into a restful state.

Energy of Birthing (Hypnosis for active labor & delivery) – You may wish to apply the “glove anaesthesia”! Visualize and transfer that feeling of numbness to the area of need. As your contractions strengthen, have your birthing partner gently touch your body to sweep away the tension.

Instrumental Music – Beautiful instrumentals of the meditations, to continue and anchor your journey. + many more


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Ava Curtola is a registered nurse, holistic therapist and specialist in natural land and water births. She has great warmth and compassion, which empowers, heals and encourages others to connect with their true spirit. Through her vast obstetrical experiences, she proudly welcomes new life into the world. Her knowledge and energy have proven invaluable. She is actively delivering babies whether it is a water birth, home birth or in a hospital.

As an accomplished facilitator and public speaker with three decades of experience in the health care field, Ava is in a unique position to merge modern energy concepts with her own intuition as well as traditional medicine.
Ava feels privileged to be the mom of 2 extraordinary men, Chris and Michael, who helped define who she is today. She cherishes, respects and reveres the powerful relationship of unconditional love between parent and child above all else.As the driving force behind The Energy of Birthing & Energy Workshops Inc., Ava’s focus is to create global awareness and practical instruction to the field of birthing and alternative health. Ava is passionate about providing the best pregnancy and birthing experience for every new mother. The Energy of Birthing Book and 2 CD set is an effective, quick reference book with easy meditations that assist in the relaxation and enhance the natural maternal instincts.Ava has:
Extensive experience in Active Hospital setting
Certified Instructor and Reiki Master – all levels
Reflexology, Acupressure, Chakra & Energy Balancing therapist
Heart and Stroke CPR Instructor
Specialized training & experience in Obstetrics, Labor & Delivery Post Partum; and MORE (Managing Obstetrical Risks Efficiently)